Shorn of intelligible significance, this is art that appeals to the intellect, a language not susceptible to words but to Jungian archetypes that do not lend themselves to the trammels and snares of definition.”

Steiner, Raymond J., “Lily Ente at the Woodstock Artists Association,” Art Times, November 2001


  • Mixed Gallery

    Night 4, Lily Ente, Black Belgian Marble Sculpture Lily Ente with Reunion sculpture, white marble Lily Ente Studio, Woodstock, NY, left exterior Untitled, Lily Ente, Monoprint, paper, 32”x15” Woodstock, Lily Ente, Wood and metal hanging sculpture Noon 1, Lily Ente, White Italian marble
  • Maintaining a legacy…

    Recently published Woodstock Times article by Paul Smart illuminates Lily Ente's complex history and includes new quotes by her daughter Paulette Esrig. “Art truly saved her life. She had had a horrific childhood. She had enormous drive.” To read full article click here