As a child during the First World War, my life and that of those around me was infected by poverty and ugliness. My response to these experiences was a desire to combat this deprivation with beauty. My choice of marble as a medium was made in part because it challenged me more than clay and I found great joy in the beauty of the natural forms and surfaces I could achieve.”   —Lily Ente, Artist’s Statement

Watson-Jones, Virginia, Contemporary American Women Sculptors, Oryx Press, 1986

  • Mixed Gallery

    Lily Ente Studio, Woodstock, NY, rear interior Woodstock, Lily Ente, Wood and metal hanging sculpture Untitled, Lily Ente, metal rod and shapes, 63”x13”x4” Untitled, Lily Ente, Charcoal Night, Lily Ente, Black Belgian marble Untitled 33, Lily Ente, Monoprint
  • Maintaining a legacy…

    Recently published Woodstock Times article by Paul Smart illuminates Lily Ente's complex history and includes new quotes by her daughter Paulette Esrig. “Art truly saved her life. She had had a horrific childhood. She had enormous drive.” To read full article click here